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Where to Buy Soju Near Me

Are you asking yourself: “where to buy soju near me”? Keep reading this article and use it as your buying guide!

Are you asking yourself: “where to buy soju near me”?

If you can’t seem to find a shop that sells soju near your location, why not order it online?

Its fast, convenient, and you can have your favorite soju delivered straight to your doorstep!

What is Soju?

If you’ve never had soju before, you must be wondering what it is exactly.

Well, soju is basically a clear, low-alcohol, distilled spirit that is the most popular liquor in Korea. It is often referred to as “Korean vodka”.

And while it originated from Korea, it is now popular and can be bought all over the world!

Where to Buy Soju Near Me

Wondering where you can buy soju?

Visit your nearest liquor or grocery store and you’ll most likely find it there!

Thinking of ordering it online?

If your first thought was ordering it through Amazon, here’s some bad news:

Only certain countries carry it on Amazon.

For instance, in Amazon US, you won’t be able to find the drink itself – only soju-related products (i.e. soju shot glasses).

On the other hand, other Amazon branches like Amazon UK does sell it. 

Soju Reviews

Here are some reviews from Amazon customers:

“Great drink but you can get it for almost half the cost at a local chinese grocers or even a Longdan! I paid £6.50 for a bottle.” – Shaz, Jinro Chamisul Soju 350ml

“I had never tried soju and did not like it, the apple flavour was almost strong enough to mask the soju but it still comes through, if you like soju you probably like this.” – Luke, Lotte Chum Churum Soju – Apple Flavour 12% Alc 360ml“Glad to have tried this drink. Will buy more, I enjoyed it.” – Lisa, Jinro Chamisul Soju Duo pack – Classic 350ml alc 20.1% and Fresh 350ml 16.9% alc


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