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Take Home Folders for Students

If you’re looking for quality take home folders for students, check out these top recommendations from Amazon.

Looking for quality take home folders for students?

Check out these recommendations from Amazon!

Take home folders are the answer to excellent organization and communication for students! These folders are the perfect take home communication tool for students for sharing papers back and forth between school and home.

These are also sometimes known as ‘Friday Folders’ for students to take work home on weekends, then bring it back on Monday.

Take Home Folders for Students

If you’re looking for quality take home folders for students, here are some of our recommendations from Amazon:

  • C-Line Classroom Connector School-to-Home Folders, Blue, 25 per Box (32005) 

    Make the connection between school and home stronger with these school-to-home two-pocket folders. Keep parents and caregivers informed with daily updates on lessons, projects, behavior and more.

    The interior pockets are imprinted with ‘Home’ and ‘School’ designations, in both English and Spanish. Front and back cover pockets are clear, making them great for custom student cover sheets. Made of durable, acid-free polypropylene.

  • Each plastic folder comes with 2 pockets and one card slot, ideal for collecting your letter-size sheets and business card/student ID.

    The stay-put tabs on the inside of the pocket folder capture the top corner of your papers so to keep sheets steadily. Organize your files and clean up your messy desktop. Great pocket folders.

  • Look no further! STORE SMART’s bestselling Plastic School/Home Folders are made of sturdy, reinforced polypropylene plastic designed to stand up to the toughest treatment.

    Unlike paper folders, they won’t fall apart or wrinkle in water—so you’ll never have to worry about students leaving their folders outside, jumping into enticing mud puddles, or racing home through the rain.

    With clearly labeled sections that remind everyone which materials need to remain at home and which should be returned to class, these folders are also ideal for keeping busy students (and their families) organized.

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