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Natural Light Sour Seltzer Where to Buy in 2022

Looking for a delicious, sour drink? Here’s your guide: Natural Light Sour Seltzer where to buy!

Looking for a delicious, sour drink? Here’s your guide: Natural Light Sour Seltzer where to buy!

The brand you know and love, Natural Light (also popularly known as Natty Light), is spreading its wings with numerous new products including, a malt beverage-based seltzer, which is available in 4 flavors.

The twist?

As its name suggests, Natural Light Sour Seltzer – they’re all sour – so fans of the mouth-puckering stuff may find them a good alternative to sweeter offerings from other producers.

All are clear and canned at 6% abv.

  • Natural Light Sour Lemon Seltzer. Sour with an indistinct fruit character, followed by notes of ReaLemon.
  • Natural Light Sour Apple Seltzer. Less aggressively sour than the Lemon, with more of a chemical overtone and a doughy, indistinct finish.
  • Natural Light Sour Watermelon Seltzer. The closest experience to a Jolly Rancher that you’ll find in this mix, and one of the least clearly sour expressions in the quartet – coming off as saltier than sour.
  • Natural Light Sour Blue Raspberry Seltzer. It’s not aggressively sour, instead giving its berry-blasted, cotton candy core a slight acidic lift. The finish is surprisingly sweet, a bit more so than anything else in the mix.

Natural Light Sour Seltzer Where to Buy

With online orders booming given the world’s recent situation, you might be thinking of ordering this from Amazon.

Unfortunately, they don’t seem to carry Natural Light Sour Seltzer.

The good news?

You can order the same products though in other brands here in Amazon.

You can still order them online!

Primarily, you can order them from the Natural Light website.

You can also order them from other online liquor shops like Kroger, Beverages2U, TotalWine, and BuyBeerOnline, among others. Note: You have to be of legal drinking age to enter and purchase from these websites.


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