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Mr Clean Mother’s Day Ad

Learn more about that controversial Mr Clean Mother’s Day Ad.

Learn more about that controversial Mr Clean Mother’s Day Ad.

About the Mr Clean Mother’s Day Ad

Back in 2011, Mr. Clean released an ad entitled, “This Mother’s Day, get back to the job that really matters”. This slogan is accompanied by a video of a mom teaching her young daughter how to clean.

While the company attempted to portray the message that a mother should prioritize the cleanliness of their home for their loved ones, it failed.

Instead, people saw this ad as a bad depiction of outdated gender roles which implies that a woman’s primary duty is housework while taking away a day of celebration for mothers everywhere.

Mr. Clean Products

While housework isn’t what defines a mother, some women do love having a clean household. If your mother is one of them, you can gift them with Mr. Clean products this Mother’s Day! Here are some of our top picks:

  • For a heavy-duty clean in hard-to-reach places, there’s nothing quite like Magic Eraser Cleaning Sheets. Muscle out the grime in nooks and crannies, hard-to-reach corners, and more.

    Ideal for scrubbing greasy stovetops, tough stains in microwaves, grimy fridge handles, hard water spots and stains on sinks and faucets, in the bathroom, and even more! For when cleaning spray and wipes won’t cut it.

  • Clean and freshen your business simultaneously.

    This cleaner cuts grease removes grime and leaves the light, fresh scent of Febreze. Use it to clean dirt and eliminate odors on linoleum as well as tile floors, toilets, and bathtubs.

    Outside, this all-purpose cleaner is perfect for garbage cans, doors, and more. Application: All-Purpose Cleaner; Applicable Material: Ceramic; Fiberglass; Plastic; Porcelain; Stainless Steel; Tile; Dirt Types: Dirt; Grease; Grime; Scent: Febreze Meadows & Rain.

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