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Is Ortho Ground Clear Safe for Pets?

Want to use Ortho Ground Clear but you’re wondering, “Is Ortho Ground Clear safe for pets?” read this article!

Discover the answer to your question: “Is Ortho Ground Clear safe for pets?”

Want to get rid of weeds and prevent any re-growth? If you’re looking for an effective product that you can use that is also safe for your beloved pets at home, make sure to check out Ortho Ground Clear!

Is Ortho Ground Clear Safe for Pets?

While it’s marketed as a pet-friendly weed killer, caution is still advised for using Ortho Ground Clear. Its active ingredient is ammonium nonanoate, which is a non-systemic herbicide (the effects are localized, and it can easily be washed off).

It is approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for organic gardening, and it will work on all types of weeds and grass, so you see results within 15 minutes.

Ortho Ground Clear

You can easily order Triazicide online via Amazon ! Here are some reviews:

“My husband wanted to try a weed killer without glyphosate, so I ordered this. Worked great! Just like it says we noticed it working within 15 minutes. Weeds definitely killed within 24 hours, and we live in a rainy climate at the coast. Will be buying it again.” – V. Stephenson

“I was so excited to find weed killer that says it is for organic gardening and that doesn’t have glyphosate in it! I have already gone through a whole gallon (lots of weeds!) and after spraying by the next day the weeds were dead. I like that the wand is a continuous spray and I don’t have to pump it. It took less than 5 minutes to put it all together.” – Rach


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