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German Word for Grandpa

Looking for the German word for grandpa? Find it here!

Looking for the German word for grandpa? Keep reading!

German Word for Grandpa

There are different ways to say grandpa in German. In short, you would say Opa. (Der) Opa, the grandpa is a masculine singular noun. The plural would be (die) Opas. This is the informal German term for grandfather, and you would translate it as grandpa or grampa.

The word is ordinarily used with a definite article in most parts of central Germany, southern Germany, and Austria.

  • Wo ist der Opa? – “Where is Grandpa?

    In the north of Germany, and commonly in writing, no article tends to be used.
  • Wo ist Opa? – “Where is Grandpa?”

    Keep in mind that there are several forms of Standard German. The German language also has a few different dialects; spelling and pronunciation may be different depending on the area and dialect.

German Grandpa Gifts

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