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Fidget Blankets for Seniors 2022 Recommendations

What are fidget blankets for seniors? What are some of the best products out there? Discover the answers to your questions here!

If you’re taking care of a senior with dementia, it might be hard to believe (especially after a bad day), that there’s something that can calm them down when they are in distress.

Sensory stimulation for those who are struggling with dementia can provide a soothing distraction for those who are agitated.

It can calm them – one such sensory stimulation is Fidget Blankets for seniors.

What Are Fidget Blankets for Seniors?

A fidget blanket is a quilt that has several different objects attached to it that stimulate the senior and keeps them focused on an activity and thereby reduce emotional escalation that leads to agitation.

It can relieve their boredom too.

The blanket can keep a person busy for quite a while “fidgeting” with all the interesting objects in her lap that don’t fall off.

Fidget Blankets for Seniors: Recommendations

Here are some of our top recommendations from Amazon:


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