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Double Headstones for Married Couples

Stay together even in death with double headstones for married couples.

To remain together even in death, many married couples choose to be buried next to each other and share a headstone.

This kind of headstone, with two names, is known as double headstones for married couples.

What’s a double headstone?

Essentially, a double headstone is used to mark two burial spaces next to each other or two burials interred on top of each other.

As its name suggests, the headstone displays two names and is large enough to represent two graves sites. Most tombstones are available in single or double sizes. A double-sized headstone is also called a companion headstone.

Double Headstones for Married Couples

The best place to purchase double headstones for married couples is at funeral homes, memorial providers, and cemeteries. But did you know that you can order it online these days, too?

Here are some of our top recommendations:

  • This rock is solid cast in stone. Not plastic or resin. The engraved portion is painted with a super-strong pigmented cement-type material.
  • Memorial Garden Photo Stone Not a Day Goes By 

    This Memorial Garden Photo Stone is a thoughtful way to keep loved ones near and dear. It features a heartfelt sentiment with scroll or paw print detailing.

    Add your own laminated 3-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ photo prior to placing the stone outdoors. 9-7/8″ dia. Cold cast ceramic. Ready to hang.

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