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Fresh & Clean Nano Charcoal Toothbrush

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Help prevent oral diseases through the unique benefits of charcoal.

What Is A Charcoal Toothbrush? To the naked eye, a charcoal toothbrush looks exactly like a regular toothbrush. The big difference is in the bristles — they have charcoal built into them.

The idea is that when you brush your teeth with a charcoal toothbrush, the bacteria get trapped in the bristles instead of just pushing the bacteria around.

Prevent oral diseases through the unique benefits of charcoal. This nano charcoal toothbrush is a double bristle toothbrush that consists of a top layer of soft bristles made of special materials and a bottom layer of regular bristles.

This functional toothbrush is perfect for the prevention of periodontitis. As for the handles of charcoal toothbrushes, they vary just as traditional toothbrushes do — they can be made of wood or a plastic-rubber combo. 

Charcoal toothbrushes have many of the same benefits as charcoal toothpaste.
Charcoal: Absorbs toxin in the mouth from consuming certain food and drinks. Works well with drawing out of stains,

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  • Activated charcoal properties built into the bristles, so there’s no need for messy charcoal powder
  • Absorbs plaque and bacteria rather than rubbing it across the teeth
  • Helps whiten teeth
  • Fights teeth stains left by things like coffee and red wine
  • Can help reduce bad breath
Standard Cash On Delivery: Estimated within 3 – 7 Business Days

Standard Cash On Delivery: Estimated within 3 – 7 Business Days