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Chondroitin with Collagen and Magnesium (Elderly)


Dosage and Indication:
* 1-4 Capsules a Day before Meals

* 18 Years and Above

Ingredients & Benefits:
Chondroitin - A vital part of cartilage found in our joints that gives elasticity by helping water retention.

Cat's Claw Vine - A natural herbal secret recipe of Indigenous people in Central and South America that is specially used to treat knee inflammation, arthritis, etc. It is the top choice for athletes and people with weak knees.

Collagen - Maintains bone strength and supports the repair of cartilages. Calcium Citrate - Increases bone strength and improve bone health Vitamin. K2 - Increases calcium absorption; Helps improve bone health and lower the risk of osteoporosis.

Vitamin D3 - keeps your bones strong by helping your body absorb calcium and phosphorus, key minerals for bone health.

Sodium Ascorbate - Needed for normal bone development and for the formation of collagen, the fibrous protein part of the bone, cartilage, and other structures.

Lecithin - Contains essential fatty acids that keep muscles, bones, and joints strong and healthy. Magnesium Oxide - assures the strength and firmness of bones and makes teeth harder.