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15 Best Products to Sell This Christmas (+ Holiday Preparedness Tips for Business Owners)

15 Best Products to Sell This Christmas (+ Holiday Preparedness Tips for Business Owners)

Christmas is a great season for family time together, gift giving, celebrations, and even business growth. This time of the year is always graced with so many different activities, causing a lot more money to be spent of various services and products. As a result, most businesses make more than twice the money they usually make at any other time of the year.

Since there’s so much money to be made during Christmas, what products should you or shouldn’t you sell? To maximize your sales during the Christmas season, here are 15 hot-selling products to sell before, during, and after the Christmas season. 

  1. Christmas Trees
    Christmas trees are one of the most in-demand items during the Christmas season. They’re used to decorate homes, offices, and even the streets. As one of the most in-demand Christmas product, you can venture into Christmas tree selling during this season, as you’d certainly sell out almost all, if not all of your stock. 

  2. Greeting Cards
    No text or Facebook message can match the feeling of getting a handwritten card. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 households buy greeting cards each year for the holidays – and around 7 billion cards every year! A holiday greeting card sent to family and friends allows you to stay in touch and reminds everyone that you’re thinking of them. 

  3. Christmas Lights
    Christmas lights are shiny, bright, and help light up the Christmas party vibe. Just like Christmas trees, these lights are used to create a beautiful holiday feel in various places during Christmas. They are used to decorate homes, offices, restaurants, and even the streets! They are one of the most visible items used during the Christmas season, and as such, are highly in-demand, making them a great product to sell. 

  4. Children’s Toys
    Children expect gifts during Christmas, but they mostly expect toys. They always have a favorite cartoon character toy they would love to own, and most parents are always on the lookout to gift them with different toys, whether they know the exact toys their children want or not. So, consider adding children’s toys to your arsenal of Christmas products to sell this holiday season. 

  5. Christmas Clothes
    To feel the holiday spirit, people love to dress up in Christmas-themed clothes. This is especially true for children who wait all year for Christmas to arrive. Christmas clothes including everything you can think of, including hoodies, shirts, leggings, pajama sets, slippers, and socks – all themed with Christmas colors and designs. 

  6. Christmas and Santa Outfits
    Christmas outfits, like hats, Santa costumes, Santa suits, and accessories are usually in high-demand every Christmas season as many people love to dress-up in the spirit of the season. You could stock up your store with some Christmas outfits, especially hats for sale for people looking to dress up and look fully ready for the Christmas season. 

  7. Mini Projectors
    Christmas is family time. After dinner, families gather around their living room and watch Christmas movies to spend some quality time together. Often, they use projectors to add a ‘wow’ effect while watching holiday-themed flicks. Portable projectors, also known as mini projectors, always make a huge in sales before the holidays. Also, due to the pandemic, more and more people are staying at home and want to watch movies without going to the cinema, making this the right time to sell mini projectors.

  8. Holiday Decorations
    One of the earliest signs of Christmas is people putting up decorations both inside and outside their homes. Some common holiday decorations including holiday lights, wreaths, seasonal candles, garlands, Christmas stockings, snow globes, and bells, among others. 

  9. Cookies
    Bakery products are some of the best things to sell during Christmas. During Christmas season, people tend to love eating delicious cookies. If you’re having trouble with what business you can try out during the Christmas season, then this is the time to start making some money out of your baking skills. Not everyone has the skills to bake, so starting this lucrative business idea will mean you can earn some money during the holiday season. 

  10. Party Decorations
    Decorations are essential items for organizing year-round parties, especially during the Christmas season. Moreover, these party decorations are not seasonal and the demand is available throughout the year. So, you don’t have to worry about seasonal declines or loss of interest over time. 

  11. Home Fitness Products
    Home fitness has become popular this year since everyone is staying at home due to the pandemic. Instead of doing out for runs or going to the gym, most people are exercising in their homes. This is why fitness products are booming this year, and many people will buy them as Christmas gifts for their loved ones or for themselves. Some home fitness products to consider include treadmills, yoga mats, weight sets, resistance bands, stationary bikes, and more. 

  12. Pet Accessories
    People love to spoil their pets, making pet accessories a very lucrative business, even after the holiday season. Plus, just as most people love to dress up in holiday-themed clothes, many people love to dress up their pets too! From treats to chew toys, blankets and Christmas-themed jackets, there are numerous pet accessories that you can sell to make every fur parent’s shopping experience a little more fun. 

  13. Kitchen Appliances
    Some people absolutely love to cook, and for these people, kitchen appliances are one of the best things to receive during Christmas. A set of stainless-steel mixing bowls, a waffle maker, or a state-of-the-art blender is an excellent gift for those who love the culinary arts. Plus, during the Christmas season, people will be getting ready for family dinners and just celebrations in general, so almost all kitchen items will be sought after, including serving platters, plates, and cutlery. 

  14. Couple Bracelets
    For many people, a piece of jewelry can hold a lot of meaning. Couple bracelets have become quite an in-demand item for the Christmas season. Also, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a gift for a spouse or someone they are dating; a lot of people buy these for their parents, siblings, or best friends. It’s just the joy of sharing something similar with the person you love. Bracelets have an amazing variety when it comes to design, making them the perfect gift for just about anyone. Some people like flashy and luxurious gifts, while other people prefer the quieter expression of love – couple bracelets accomplish both of these things easily. 

  15. Motivational Books
    Motivational books sell fairly fast, especially during the holiday season. Most people are looking for some inspiration and motivation to prepare themselves for the coming year. Not only that, but with most people staying indoors due to the pandemic, more and more people are reading now. Note that you can make more money by selling books that people are willing to read, but aren’t able to find. A lot of books are more common and readily available than others. 

Tips for Business Owners This Holiday Season

Here are some festive tips for business owners this holiday season.

  • Check your budget. Holiday preparations can get expensive, putting some pressure on your working capital. You should carefully estimate your cash needs between now and the New Year to predict any shortfalls. 
  • Order supplies. Check last year’s orders to anticipate how much basic supplies you’ll require, whether that’s packaging and shipping supplies or branded gift cards for holiday shoppers. If this is your first year in business, make sure that you’ve got enough stocks on hand and try to anticipate demand. Being prepared ahead of time can help you meet your customers’ needs with ease. 
  • Buy extra inventory. If you’re a manufacturer, anticipate a higher product demand. That means scheduling extra production, ordering more input from your vendors, and possibly hiring seasonal workers. If you’re a merchandiser, you need to place your orders early to have holiday goods in place when needed. Remember, your suppliers are also under pressure, and they will appreciate early orders. Understand that your supplier requires lead time, so make sure to place your orders before it’s too late. 
  • Check your website. Check your business website to make sure that it’s ready for a busy holiday season. Is your website design clean, holiday-themed, and easy to navigate? Can customers easily find your most popular services or products? Does your e-commerce checkout work with no issues? 
  • Establish your holiday schedule. Determine and establish your holiday operating hours. Do you plan to close your business for a couple of days? Will you be open longer than usual? Make sure to talk to your staff, and set your customer’s expectations. 
  • Create a holiday-appropriate marketing strategy. Incorporate some creativity in your holiday promotions! Do something different to attract all those holiday shoppers who love to spend this time of the year. Perhaps you can even include handwritten notes to your clients wishing them a Happy Holidays with a small sample of your product. By doing this, you’re showing your customers how much you appreciate them while also keeping your business in mind. 

The Bottom Line

This is a list of products we think will be highly profitable for business owners this Christmas season. Hopefully, this list has motivated and inspired you to start thinking about your store and how you can capture the lucrative shopping season market.

Good luck!

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